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Top 5 Stupid People in the news…and it’s only Wednesday. May 23, 2012

Stupid people…they’re everywhere.  But sometimes you just have to call them out by name.  I have lovingly chosen my personal top 5 dummies of the week.

1. Facebook overnight millionaires-Sure you are actually really smart and now you are million/billionaires…But there is a reason why they call in noveau riche, and that’s dumb spending.  Home prices in Palo Alto are soaring and people are paying more than the asking prices and actually advertising themselves to sellers…STUPID.  And the whole part about being “worth” a certain amount of stock $ means that you don’t actually have that money in cold hard cash.  And damn, they are already being investigated (JP Morgan, the bank hadling the IPO) by the SEC and sued by shareholders and it’s only been a week!!! I wouldn’t be paying 600,000$ over the pricetag for a house just yet.

2. China-China is one of my favorite kids to pick on.  Exploding watermelons, Clenbuterol in pork, melamine, and now….a 2 fly rule.  Yes, China has regulated that there shall only be 2 flies per stall in their publice restrooms (Bejiing).  Now I’m no international regulatory expert (oh wait, yes I am) but where does one get the #2?  How do you monitor this?  Do you have the death penalty for the attendant that fails to keep it from more than 2 flies?  Do you have nothing better to worry about like women’s rights, abandoned children, and sketchy food producers? STUPID

3. The Obama administration-Ok, this one’s good.  The administration and the CIA provided information for a MOVIE regarding the Usama Bin Laden crusade, and now people in Pakistan that helped the CIA are getting arrested and thrown in jail for treason.  All in the name of Hollywood.  STUPID.  Better be a damned good movie.

4. The masses-are we all really suprised that the secret service dudes get it on with chicks and pay for it?  I mean really, they travel 24/7, have a super secret job, when do they have time for small talk?  Give the guys a break.  Caring about what other people do for kicks, STUPID. 

5. School Administrators with no sense of humor-suspending seniors for a mass bike ride to school?  Oh the horrors!!!  Yes, at 18 years of age and the ability to vote, a bike ride is what you are worried about.  They are about to go off to college where they will binge drink, eat poorly, and make bad life decisions with at least 2 partners, and you are worried about a mass bike ride. STUPID!!!!