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Communist New York City…… May 31, 2012

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I knew I couldn’t make it to Friday without some sort of outrage….There are certain things that I personally believe the government has no say over and they are as follows:

1. MY body and reproductive systems (that’s between me and my maker)

2. My food and drink consumption (that’s between me and my self esteem)

I mean really NYC (Bloomberg), you are going to outlaw sugary sodas (which btw, I heart Diet Coke) more than 16oz in the name of saving your fair citizens from obesity?  Banning delicious trans fat was bad enough, who are you???  There is nothing else in NYC that is dangerous to the health of your citizens? 

I thought communist China was bad enough, but this kind of big brother gov’t attitude is too much.  I seem to remember a certain group of people who got on a boat and braved a new world to get away from pompous all knowing jack asses, and I’m sure they would roll over in their graves if they could see what we Americans have turned into.  A nation of under educated babies who need dada to tell them what to eat or drink.