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Dear Todd Akin August 20, 2012

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Dear Todd Akin,

Thank you for reversing humanity a thousand years. Thank you for spreading the word that women are evil, and trying to make the point that we could stop a pregnancy from happening from a “legitimate” rape or by association an “oops” moment. That would mean that every time a woman became prego she must have wished upon a magic star to do so, or else she could have turned that “he wasn’t a good enough genetic donor” button and immediately not conceived. I can’t spend much time on this issue or else I will be screaming profanities….oh wait, congrats, you are the first person I am willing to say this to in print, “go fuck yourself”. And yes, you can quote me on that. People like you should be living in the dark ages and crying “she turned me into a newt! I got better….”.

I know the people in good ole Mizzou, and they’ll never accept a witch doctor, fear mongering, idiot like you. So go ahead, don’t pull out (no pun intended) and let the numbers prove to you that we may all have polarized views on issues, but no one can back this ridiculous view except for your idiot cult members.

Someone who hopes, even though you are deplorable, that you never experience an illegitimate or legitimate rape.


Ermegherd…I’m urpshy dern! August 13, 2012

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What an interesting week. I feel like I’m upside down. I watch my dog, General, sleep happily upside down and normally think nothing of it. However, when I took this pic, I focused on it a little more and found myself realizing I too am upside down.

I remember being 22 and thinking to myself, “when I’m 30 I’ll be married and have at least 2 kids…”. Well, obviously I missed that pre grown up pseudo dream, and now have different dreams.

All I thought, or perhaps was taught, that I should want or strive to be has been turned upside down. I’ve found that my strength lies in my work and passion for something as “boring” as regulatory affairs. It seems to be the one thing I excel at. I played soccer, but I was never nĂºmero uno. I dated, and I obviously suck at that. And lo and behold, who’d a thunk, this zany redhead could buck up and stand toe to toe with the likes of P&G’s regulatory gurus.

Don’t get me wrong, I see other peoples lives and wonder, is there something screwy with me? People ask all the time, “why aren’t you married?”. I don’t know whether to tell them I just never got around to it because I’ve moved 5 times in the last 6 years or maybe nobody can put up with me. I think either is a good excuse.

Point of my anecdote is that I feel like the exact opposite of the feminie role that existed in the 50s and am proud of my accomplishments. However, it’s still a fact that women are paid 70 cents on the dollar of their male counterparts. I think this is hilarious. As a 27 year old female I got into pet food regulatory and within a year was speaking on a panel in Washington DC in front of industry and FDA and USDA. I didn’t see any guys there near my age at the panel or even in the crowd.

So, perhaps I may not get married before I’m forty, but I certainly have made my way in a man’s world with many admiring high ranking regulators and business men in my wake.

Give me 5 more years and I’m going I even it out for the ladies! Besides, what else do I have to do?