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Communist New York City…… May 31, 2012

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I knew I couldn’t make it to Friday without some sort of outrage….There are certain things that I personally believe the government has no say over and they are as follows:

1. MY body and reproductive systems (that’s between me and my maker)

2. My food and drink consumption (that’s between me and my self esteem)

I mean really NYC (Bloomberg), you are going to outlaw sugary sodas (which btw, I heart Diet Coke) more than 16oz in the name of saving your fair citizens from obesity?  Banning delicious trans fat was bad enough, who are you???  There is nothing else in NYC that is dangerous to the health of your citizens? 

I thought communist China was bad enough, but this kind of big brother gov’t attitude is too much.  I seem to remember a certain group of people who got on a boat and braved a new world to get away from pompous all knowing jack asses, and I’m sure they would roll over in their graves if they could see what we Americans have turned into.  A nation of under educated babies who need dada to tell them what to eat or drink.


Top 5 Stupid People in the news…and it’s only Wednesday. May 23, 2012

Stupid people…they’re everywhere.  But sometimes you just have to call them out by name.  I have lovingly chosen my personal top 5 dummies of the week.

1. Facebook overnight millionaires-Sure you are actually really smart and now you are million/billionaires…But there is a reason why they call in noveau riche, and that’s dumb spending.  Home prices in Palo Alto are soaring and people are paying more than the asking prices and actually advertising themselves to sellers…STUPID.  And the whole part about being “worth” a certain amount of stock $ means that you don’t actually have that money in cold hard cash.  And damn, they are already being investigated (JP Morgan, the bank hadling the IPO) by the SEC and sued by shareholders and it’s only been a week!!! I wouldn’t be paying 600,000$ over the pricetag for a house just yet.

2. China-China is one of my favorite kids to pick on.  Exploding watermelons, Clenbuterol in pork, melamine, and now….a 2 fly rule.  Yes, China has regulated that there shall only be 2 flies per stall in their publice restrooms (Bejiing).  Now I’m no international regulatory expert (oh wait, yes I am) but where does one get the #2?  How do you monitor this?  Do you have the death penalty for the attendant that fails to keep it from more than 2 flies?  Do you have nothing better to worry about like women’s rights, abandoned children, and sketchy food producers? STUPID

3. The Obama administration-Ok, this one’s good.  The administration and the CIA provided information for a MOVIE regarding the Usama Bin Laden crusade, and now people in Pakistan that helped the CIA are getting arrested and thrown in jail for treason.  All in the name of Hollywood.  STUPID.  Better be a damned good movie.

4. The masses-are we all really suprised that the secret service dudes get it on with chicks and pay for it?  I mean really, they travel 24/7, have a super secret job, when do they have time for small talk?  Give the guys a break.  Caring about what other people do for kicks, STUPID. 

5. School Administrators with no sense of humor-suspending seniors for a mass bike ride to school?  Oh the horrors!!!  Yes, at 18 years of age and the ability to vote, a bike ride is what you are worried about.  They are about to go off to college where they will binge drink, eat poorly, and make bad life decisions with at least 2 partners, and you are worried about a mass bike ride. STUPID!!!!


Here we go again…..Meat glue scares the crap out of big dummies, quick get on the bandwagon!!!! May 22, 2012

So, as you may know I am a huge advocate for the food and meat industries, and I feel qualified to stick up for some of the practices and in this case ingredients that get a bad rap. 4 years in poultry quality (4 separate plants ALL types of processing), 2 years in pet food, and now back in human food, I’ve picked up some facts along the way.

Meat glue=transglutaminase, which is a naturally occurring enzyme that even comes from fermenation instead of animal blood, so it’s kinda vegan actually 🙂  Anywho, it allows for pieces of meat to adhere to each other by speeding up a reaction between the proteins of the pieces of meat.  This is similar to that types of enzymes that cause meat tenderizing i.e. marinades.  It’s not scary, it won’t kill you (unless maybe you sniff it), and commercial food processors only use it in small amounts to effect texture.

Why the big fuss then?  Well apparently your butcher is eeeeeeevil, just like us big bad food corporations.  He sits around collecting scraps then uses meat glue to put them all together and charge you for filet.  Is it possible? Yes, anything is possible.  Is it likely that there is a huge steak conspiracy in America, doubtful.  Chefs and sometimes butchers USUALLY use it to put a few pieces (2-3) of meat together for a uniform piece of meat or for a neat combo of meats like wrapping salmon in chicken skin or bacon wrapped filets.

The fact that this is in the news is tres pathetique.  Shut up and eat your delicous filet mignon, even if it was once 2 pieces of filet mignon at birth 😉


Meet Virginia May 15, 2012

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Hello Nebraska, I’m Virginia. 

It’s been 3 months since I ventured to the wilds of Omaha from the dirty south and I thought that I would fill you in on my opinion on what I have found during my time here.  I think I will break it down by likes and dislikes and then maybe I will elaborate on a select few…..first up, DISLIKES:


  1. Omaha Drivers:  I have never come across a mass of people in one place that can’t drive AT ALL.  Everyone actually goes below the lame ass 60 mph speed limit on the highway which makes merging impossible.  In fact every single day I drive home, a simple curve with 3 lanes merging turns into a stop sign because these people are ra’tards.  Also, if it’s sunny everyone drives 40 mph, if it’s raining everyone drives 40 mph, if there is atree on the side fo the road with a plastic bag stuck in it everyone drives 40.  Omaha driving skills are unacceptable.
  2. The never ending wind: Who the hell new the midwest is windy all year round??  Probably a midwesterner, but not this southern girl.  Wear flowy skirts at your own risk.
  3. Lack of Chick-Fil-A and Waffle House. Need I say more? (yes I know there is some dinky Chick-fil-a in the Mutual of Omaha building, but that’s a pain in the ass to get to).
  4. Way too much Pepsi, not enough Diet Coke (forever to be lovingly dubbed DC)
  5. No SEC football.  I guess it’s not your fault that you are part of a lame ass conference Nebraska.
  6. Omaha drivers: I hate them so much they get 2 spots.
  7. The fact that you have to have a license plate on the front of your car too.  Very inconvenient for those with out a plate holder on the front.


  1. Booze on Sundays:  This has eliminated much stress on a Saturday night.  No longer must we stash our “Sunday Beer” because this great state sells on Sundays. Amen.
  2. Booze in Gas Stations and Walgreens:  So weird to see Jack and Jim on the beverage aisles.
  3. Steak: An abundance of delicious cow at reasonable prices.
  4. That I’m surrounded by inferior college football teams
  5. ????????????????

Well here’s to hoping that I can add a little more to this list as I continue to explore Nebraska.


Pink slime…get your learn on people!!!! (reposted from old blog) May 1, 2012

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Ok, I’ve been following the pink slime debacle, otherwise known as lean fine textured beef, and those of you on FB know I get passionate about it.  It’s not even the LFTB in general, but it’s everyone’s willingness to attack and industry without doing their research.  It’s also everyone’s idea that the food industry is evil and profit seeking and doesn’t care about the people they feed.  I just don’t understand??  Maybe that’s because I’m an insider, but those of you who know me can attest that I’m not evil, I don’t want anyone, including myself, my friends, or family, to ever eat something that will hurt them.  However, since when did we as Americans with a hint of education believe that anything, much less a food product, can EVER be 100% safe?  And, if it is safe as it can be, are we really going to get pissed because we don’t like the way it was produced?

Let me tell you this people, and I’m no genius, but I know my shit…..The food industry can make safe products, but unless you are willing to have additives, like ammonia (which is perfectly safe and also occurs in meat naturally) or irradiation, you are running in circles.  People constantly cry out for safe affordable food, and industry complies.  Then, some British dude gets on tv and does an inaccurate demonstration and people go off their rockers….let me educate you about LFTB that I would happily munch on as have YOU for the past years….

LFTB is produced by taking the trimmings that people on the production line have cut off and set aside.  It’s then put into a centrifuge ( a machine that spins it around and around) and heated so that the fat separates from the REAL BEEF MEAT.  The fat is spun out and you are left with just the beef protein.  Afterwards, to ensure food safety, it is treated with ammonia gas, which is a USDA approved food additive that kills bacteria.  I just wish people would google ground beef production and understand without interventions like ammonia gas or irradiation (that the public cries out against since they don’t understand how safe and effective it is) it’s almost impossible to ensure safe meat.  There is no way to keep fecal contamination from the hides from finding it’s way onto the carcass.  I mean really, anyone who has ever seen a cow’s ass knows how messy they are. 

So, if you want completely natural products without safe interventions like ammonia or irradiation, have at it.  But I personally don’t want to hear you bitch when you get E. Coli.  Let the scientists and experts do their best to protect you.  Yes, they want to make money, but who doesn’t??  Who starts a business with the hopes of pissing consumers off, making no money, or running it like a charity?  Industry tries to make a safe and wholesome product for as cheap as possible, why? So you can afford it and yes, so they can make a buck.  Do you think Apple is in business to make you happy for free?  To feed your electronic addiction for nothing because they are nice?  Just sayin…..

PS-Food additives and industry ingenuity has been feeding you and keeping you alive for years, and nothing is 100% safe…..ever.  Not even your water supply.